• National Accredited Hazardous Location Training Courses (EWSETA)

  • Act as third party Hazardous Location Specialist / Auditor

  • Inspection Authority for all Electrical Installations including Hazardous Locations

- Introduction / Refresher to Hazardous Locations

- Inspection & Maintenance in Hazardous Locations

- Advanced Inspection & Maintenance in Hazardous Locations

 (Accredited by EWSETA Accreditation Number:- ENER-HOgZC510101118)

  • Facilitating of the Certification of Intrinsic Safe Loops

  • Conducting of OHS Act / ATEX Legal Compliance Audits on Explosion Protected Equipment (Visual, Close & Detail)

  • Hazardous Location Consulting regarding areas, equipment and inspection program implementation.

  • SafeEx mobile solutions for explosion protection equipment inspections as well as general asset maintenance solutions

  • Introduction to Hazardous Area Classifications

  • Master Installation Electrician Unit Standard Training and Assessments for registration at Department of Employment and Labour in South Africa (EWESTA)

(HAZLOC are the only CompEx approved training center in the Southern Hemisphere)

  • Hazardous Area Classifications (New & Review)

  • International Accredited CompEx Approved Training Centre No.11