The leading international training, assessment and certification scheme for electro-technical crafts-persons working in potentially hazardous or explosive atmospheres based on the requirements of the IEC Standards (Primarily IEC 60079:10,

IEC 60079:14 & IEC 60079:17) which forms the core content of all CompEx delivery. This ensures international conformity and harmonisation of safe working practices.

Potentially explosive atmospheres occur in onshore and offshore petrochemical plants and refining plants. They are also found in distilleries, paint spraying plants, flour mills, woodworking machine plants, the water industry and petrol forecourt environments. Failure to ensure safe working practices in these circumstances could result in the ignition of explosive gases or dust clouds leading to injury or even fatalities.

Competency is certificated only to individuals who:

  • Meet the necessary entry criteria for the CompEx modules

  • Pass the underpinning knowledge theory examinations

  • Pass the competency validation test in the form of a practical assessment

Who is the course aimed at

Electro-technical crafts-persons and non-technical persons who need to develop and demonstrate their competency in the selection, installation, inspection and maintenance of electrical equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres, through a internationally industry recognized and certificated training and assessment scheme.

What subjects are covered

Subjects covered include: area classification; temperature classification; gas groups; dust protection; IP ratings; impact protection and other environmental influences; ignition sources; marking and identification; legislation; directives and standards; earthing; bonding; protection methods in detail; Ex'd', Ex'e', Ex'n', Ex'p', Ex'i', Ex'm', Ex'o', Ex'q'; tD (dust protection by enclosure); wiring systems, glanding, installation, maintenance, inspection and testing.

The training and practical assessment programme is provided for electrical personnel who undertake the physical installation and assembly of new 'Ex' equipment and, who perform preventive maintenance and inspections on previously installed equipment.

  • EX 01 - The preparation & installation of Ex db, eb, ec, px, py & pz apparatus in potentially explosive atmospheres.

  • EX 02 - The maintenance and inspection of Ex db, eb, ec, px, py & pz apparatus in potentially explosive atmospheres.

  • EX 03 - The preparation & installation of Ex ia, ib & ic systems in potentially explosive atmospheres.

  • EX 04 - The maintenance and inspection of Ex ia, ib & ic systems in potentially explosive atmospheres.

How long does the training take

The training takes a period of between three and five days, depending on the units taken, establishing the principles and key points associated with the selection and use of electrical apparatus in potentially explosive atmospheres.

How will I be assessed

The assessments are both practical and online examination and take five days to complete and follow immediately from the training. Each candidate is required to demonstrate competence through a series of practical assessments and written multi-choice online examination, when successful the candidates will be receiving a CompEx Certificate of Core Competence for technical candidates and NCV for non-technical candidates.

Is there a Refresher Course available after 5 Years

It is a requirement to maintain your level of competence in this field of training, and CompEx offers a three day refresher course aimed at those persons who have previously undertaken the main CompEx course and who need to update their knowledge and have their certified CompEx status reconfirmed. Only selected centers offer this refresher course.

CompEx Training (Ex 01 - Ex 04)

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