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Training Objective

Test, inspect and issue a Certificate of Compliance for an electrical installation in a hazardous area

  • Unit Standard 13821:Test and inspect an electrical installation in a hazardous area

  • Unit Standard 13684: Issue certificate of compliance for an electrical installation in a hazardous area

Training Benefits

After successful completion of the course and passing a written examination and submission of portfolio of evidence with a practical assessment, the delegate will receive documentary proof of successful completion of Unit Standards 13821 & 13684 for inspection, testing and certification of the relevant assessments as required by the Energy Sector Education and Training Authority (EWSETA).


This is a requirement from EWSETA as per the specific outcomes of the unit standards which has been accepted by the Department of Employment and Labour as a prerequisite. 


The assessment for competence as required will be conducted after the delegate have collected all evidence in his/her Portfolio of Evidence.

The assessment process will include the following:-

  • Evaluation of inspection and testing tests conducted by delegate (COC’s as part of Portfolio of Evidence)

  • A knowledge evaluation of applicable codes or standards (Written Examination).

  • An onsite assessment on a simulation rigs to establish competence in inspection and testing and evidence recording for Portfolio of Evidence.

  • The completion of the supporting documentation of the on-site assessment Portfolio of Evidence.

  • Completion of Certificates of Compliance for Portfolio of Evidence.

  • Feedback, Certification and EWSETA communication with Letter of Completion of Unit Standard.

Standards Covered

This theoretical & practical training gives a solid foundation in the principles of explosion protection with reference to the local national and international standards for the installation and maintenance of this equipment.

  • SANS 10108; ARP 0108

  • SANS IEC 60079:0; SANS IEC 60079:10-1; SANS IEC 60079:10-2; SANS 60079:14; SANS 60079:17

  • SANS 10086; SANS 10089;


The principles of Hazardous Locations do not change since these are based on the laws of physics. However, the interpretation of these standards causes differences in their applications. This is clearly outlined in the training.

Artisans working with hazardous location process control, electrical, instrumentation equipment require an understanding of the close integration between the safety and operational concepts of hazardous locations as a protection technique in order to specify and maintain systems.

Comprehensive Manual

A comprehensive manual comprising useful material/drawings and tables will be supplied. This will form a useful reference manual and assist learners in their work / duties within hazardous locations.

Theoretical and Practical Sessions

During the duration of the training a presentation, video clips & case studies of actual explosions / incidents that occurred will be presented.

On successful completion of assessments (practical/theoretical) and Portfolio of Evidence a EWSETA Certificate of Competency will be issued to successful delegates.

Master Installation Electrician Unit Standard Training