Introduction / Refresher Training

Training Benefits

After attendance of this course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a good understanding of the basic hazards associated with the formation of flammable atmospheres, gases, vapors, mists and dust clouds in hazardous locations.

  • Understanding the principles of classifying hazardous locations

  • Explain the hazardous locations

  • Understand safety and operational aspects of hazardous locations

  • Implement a Hazardous Area Management System

The Course Content

This one day course gives the delegate refresher training regarding the principles of explosion protection with reference to national and international standards:

  • SANS 10108 with ARP 0108

  • SANS IEC 60079:0; SANS IEC 60079:10-1; SANS IEC 60079:10-2; SANS IEC 60079:14; SANS 60079:17

  • SANS 10086;

  • SANS 10089;


The principles of Hazardous Location did not change since they are based on the laws of physics. However, the interpretation of these standards causes differences in their applications and new methodology used. This is clearly outlined in the course.


Who should Attend

All persons involved in design, specification, installation, commissioning, maintenance (Electrical / Control / Mechanical), process operations, safety officers and/or managing documentation of Hazardous Area Management Systems.

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